Here is an indicative guide to the costs of our Video, Photography & Animation Services & details of the Monthly Retainer services we offer.

You can buy our services in one of two ways: On a per-project basis or as part of a recurring monthly retainer package. 

At Pixel Assist our rates are determined by the people, equipment and processes we choose to use to produce content for our clients. These decisions stem from real world experience: what we know works, and what doesn’t work in a production environment.

We strive to be as transparent as possible with pricing & discuss this with clients as part of our on-boarding process to establish the parameters for a project. This is an important step as the budget for a job will reflect in the production values of the assets produced.

Knowing the scope of a project from the outset lets us focus when we generate the creative brief & get a production plan in place for a project. It removes uncertainty and guesswork, allowing us maximise the potential return on a client’s investment.

Corporate Videos / Company Overview Videos / Social Media Films

Our Corporate / Company Overview / Social Media Packages start from £4500 

Event Coverage / Product Launch Coverage

Our Event / Product Launch Production Packages start from £3250

Customer Testimonials / Interviews & VOX Pops

Our Testimonial / Interview Packages start from £3500

Staff Training Films / Employee Orientation Films

Our Staff Training / Employee Orientation Packages start from £4000

2D Animated Explainer Videos

Our Character Based Animated Explainer Video Packages start from £3000 per minute of finished content. These are fully bespoke to each client (NO templates or stock images used), and include all aspects of production – scripting / storyboarding / illustration / rigging / voiceover / animation / editing etc.

Our Animation Packages create a variety of content to use across various online / offline channels. 

For example, we supply the following content from a  60 second project:

– 60 second overview video covering 4 – 5 key features / customer benefits of your offering. 

– 30 second social media cutdown of the overview video featuring 2 or 3 of the features / benefits.

– Two 15 second social media cutdowns of the overview video featuring 1 or 2 of the features / benefits each. 

3D Animation

There are too many variables when it comes to 3D work to give a ballpark cost for a specific example product – with 3D projects it’s a case of sitting down and working out what we can achieve within a client’s brief. 

The 3D services we can provide include character animation, product mock-ups / brand imagery, advanced logo replacement / removal and SFX wire / rig removal.

If you click on the button below to Get in Touch with us to discuss your requirements we can give you a ballpark cost based on your project requirements.

Brand Photography

Our Brand Photography delivers you high quality images for your Brand that will get attention and make a positive impression on your customers. Our rates start from £400 for a half day / £750 for a full day. If required, Location lighting equipment is around £250  & assistant £175.

Advertising Images / Product Shots

Our Advertising / Product Photography Packages start from £1800 per shoot day for the photographer, assistant, equipment & post production. If a studio, set build, models, stylist, props or other elements are required then these costs are worked out on a per project basis. An important factor to consider is how & where the images will be used, as a license fee for certain uses might be also be applicable.  

Architectural Photography

Our Architectural Photography packages start from £500 for a half day / £850 for a full day.  

Fashion & LifeStyle Photography

For a fashion or lifestyle shoot there are a lot of variables to consider before being able to give a ball-park cost – Click on the button below to Get in Touch with us for a quick chat and we’ll be able to help.

Monthly retainer services

Below is a selection of services we’re able to offer on a monthly basis. 

Unlike a lot of other production companies we do not tie people into a 12 month commitment. Our service periods vary between 3, 4 & 6 months, continuing beyond that if a client wishes to do so.

Starting a retainer package is simple – you Get in Touch, we carry out our on-boarding process & set the project up, then each month your content is delivered ready for you to use via a secure download link.  

Want to talk about a custom retainer you don’t see below? Get in Touch with us for a chat and we’ll work out a package for you.

Thought Leadership / Social Content

This package will give you Thought Leadership Content that people will actually stop scrolling to watch.

Combine your expert knowledge with our high production values & show your target market that you’re the solution to their problem.

As an alternative, this content package could also be used by the CEO / Senior Management of a company to communicate internal staff messaging to their workforce, for example.

£650 / Month


1 filming day every 6 months. Films shot on an Infinity Cove in a studio environment / using a portable 'Colourama' backdrop at your premises (whichever is more convenient).


Up to 3 Minutes of finished content delivered per month (as one or multiple films), supplied in various social media platform formats as required.


Minimum 6 month commitment. Logo animation included.

Client testimonial films

Client Testimonial Films are an incredibly effective sales tool. Showcase your happy customers and the work you’ve done for them with our slick, carefully made testimonial films.

Having a fresh film to share every month will create a strong & effective image for your online presence.

These are structured around showing the customer talking on camera and also featuring their business operation / products.

£1750 / Month


1 filming day every 2 months, covering 2 of your clients.


One 60-90 second testimonial film per month.


Minimum 4 month commitment. Travel to locations within a 30 mile radius of central Manchester included. Your featured clients & their premises must be available for a minimum 4 hour period on a shoot day. Logo animation included.

product showcase films

Whether you have a new product launch coming up or would like to showcase your existing offerings in their best light, our product showcase films are the ideal way to promote what makes your line of goods stand out.

This package would be good for a food / drink brand or a manufacturer / distributor with multiple product lines (for example).

Shot in a studio, the filming days for this package include the use of specialist capture technology (e.g a Motion Control rig, Probe Lenses, High Speed Cameras etc) as required, depending on your product and the planned shooting style. 

This will give you a truly standout set of assets that will help you sell more or your products!

£2600 / month


1 studio filming day every quarter.


Up to 60 seconds of finished content delivered per month (as one or multiple films), supplied in various social media platform formats as required.


Minimum 3 month commitment. Logo animation included.

animated explainer Videos

Quickly engage and educate your audience with our 2D Animated Explainer Monthly Video Package.

Every month you’ll get content covering a different aspect of your product or service. 

Every animated explainer video package we create – be it on a retained or ‘one-off’ basis – is completely custom made for each client. This ensures you get assets that reflect your brand identity and that are truly unique to your company.

£1500 / month


Content created on a quarterly basis.


Up to 30 seconds of animated content delivered per month (as one or multiple films), supplied in various social media platform formats as required.


Minimum 3 month commitment. 4-6 week lead time for first month's content.

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