Why You Shouldn’t Edit Your Own Brand Videos

Why You Shouldn’t Edit Your Own Brand Videos

Editing a Brand Video for your company is – on the face of it – easy.

The Idea

You’ve shot a load of footage on your phone or DSLR .

All you have to do is take the clips, load them into a free app, put them in the correct order and hey presto – you’ve created your masterpiece!  

How hard can it be? 

The Problem

Take a step back and look at what you want to achieve & what you’re trying to represent. How valuable, both in monetry and potential growth terms, is the thing you’re trying to sell? 

Then have another look at the content you’ve created and be honest with yourself – does the video actually work in communicating with your intended audience who don’t know anything about your company and are new to your whole proposition? 

Then you might realise the answer to the question ‘how hard can it be?’ is very.

The Reason

Without a doubt the thing that stops most video content from being effective is the creators personal attachment to the subject of the video. Being able to ’emotionally disconnect’ yourself while putting together a piece of content in order to ask “will this make sense to the intended audience” is without a doubt one of the most difficult, but crucial video production skills to have.

We see content all too frequently where someone is trying to sell something ‘premium’ or ‘exclusive’ (i.e expensive), and they’ve just put together a ‘best of’ selection of clips shot on various smartphones, set to a piece of pop music they like. 

These videos are brilliant for the person who put them together (and anyone with first hand experience of the product or event), but useless for selling to anyone outside of that circle. Subsequently their effort is wasted as there isn’t the audience interest they were expecting.

Editing your own content will, obviously, save you money over using an external supplier, but the value a professional can add to your video (and by proxy, brand as a whole), will far out-weigh the cost of engaging them in the first place. 

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