Video Project FAQ

Video Project FAQ

These are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we get from clients and people enquiring about having a video produced. Enjoy the FAQ & if you have any questions drop us a line!

How much does it cost?

This is the question we get asked the most & the simple answer is that there’s no set formula – every video project is different. Pixel Assist is far from the most expensive production company around, but we’re certainly not the cheapest either. 

How much input do we need to give?

Some types of project (i.e product/service explainer videos) require more input than others.

Client input is very important for us to ensure we create a product that’s suitable for your use. After you get in touch with us to start the process of creating a video one of the first things you’ll receive is a ‘New Client Questionnaire’ for us to find out as much about your company as possible.

This helps to make sure we know what direction is best to take with your project.  

How disruptive will filming be? 

We always try to be as considerate as possible while working on location.

Part of the pre-production process involves visiting intended filming locations and noting any potential technical challenges, so any risks / disturbances can be mitigated in advance.

We’re used to being in environments like factories and offices where we have to work around the day-to-day running of the business without getting in the way.      

What equipment do you use?

We will use the most suitable combination of kit for your project requirements and budget. 

Do you travel?

Yes! Our work has taken us all over the world – any projects that involve us picking up a tan while filming are always welcome.

How long should our video be?

The intended use / audience for your video will be the determining factor for the length of your video content. We often provide different length edits for use on different platforms.

Can we use the raw footage you shoot for more than one video?

Yes, provided it’s us that’s creating the additional videos! 

How many rounds of changes are included?

Normally three, depending on the project. Numbers of changes are detailed in your production paperwork. 

Do you film Weddings?

No we don’t – we’re a ‘Business to Business’ supplier.

We’re running an event and need videos to be filmed and edited throughout the day. Can you do that?

Yes – we can provide mobile edit & play-out systems for your event. 

I have existing footage that needs editing, can you help?

Provided it’s of suitable quality, then yes! The caliber of the final product will be very much dependent on the footage supplied & the format it is in.

If the footage is on film or tape based media (such as DigiBeta, HDCam, BetaSP etc), then there will be costs associated with digitising the footage onto our edit systems. 

How long do you store the project files for?

As long as you’re a client we will keep all the files associated with your projects to hand. For our past clients we tend to archive finished videos and some of the project files, depending on the storage space that requires. 

What’s the first step for starting a new video project?

Filling out our contact form or picking up the phone – We’re always happy to hear from potential new clients!

Are you interested in video and how it could help you?

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