The Three Key Stages of Video Production

The Three Key Stages of Video Production

Below is a quick overview of the main stages of the Video Production process. Regardless of whether it’s a 30 second social media promo, a documentary piece or series of employee orientation videos, these stages stay the same.

Pre Production

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! 

We start off bringing all the ideas for your video together to form a plan of action for your project. It is important to be as thorough as possible at this stage as it directly affects the quality of the output we produce.

A script is written / running order drawn up & storyboards produced (if required). 

Filming locations are secured, schedules and associated paperwork generated & crew and equipment booked for the shoot.


This is where the all important planning during pre-production comes together & the crew will work to capture the material needed for your project.

Although being on set can be a little confusing to someone unfamiliar with the process (scenes from a script are usually shot ‘out of order’ for example), watching a professional crew working to create the visuals that will be used in your video is a great experience.

Post Production

Post production is where we bring together of all the elements of your project to form the finished video.

The raw footage from the shoot is loaded onto our edit systems and work starts on assembling your video as per the script / storyboards drawn up in pre-production.

Graphics are created and added as well as any required music / voiceover elements. 

Your feedback is sought and changes made as needed.

When the edit is signed off the final stages, grading the images and completing the audio mix, are completed.

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