How Much Does Video Production Cost?

How Much Does Video Production Cost?


When it comes to creating a video project, the cost is, understandably, one of the main factors that a business will take into consideration. In this blog we’ll explore some of the things that go into creating a video project, and why it’s important to consider all the factors that can be involved before making a decision!

“So, How Much Does a Video Cost?”​

We get asked this a lot.

Our answer?

“What’s your budget?” 

When it comes to a professional production, every client, project and shoot day can throw up a unique set of different variables to take into account – from job to job there is no set formula.

The Awkward Question

People often don’t like talking about money early on in a professional relationship.

We get it.

Someone might assume that, if they say they have a budget of £X, that the project will magically end up costing that much. Or it might make them feel like money is the only thing that’s important in the working relationship.

In our experience though, not talking about money upfront often leads to problems further down the line. If we don’t know what we’re working with from the start, it can be difficult to marry up what a client wants & expects from a project, and what their budget will allow.

As a supplier we need to be able to tailor our service offering to make sure that we’re providing you with the best possible results from your investment.


The simple reason we don’t give out ‘ball park’ costs to people is because the Pre-Production, Production and Post Production phases of a project can be greatly affected by an immense number of variables that need to be taken into account.

An important part of our work is client management – taking what is a complex set of processes, breaking them down and managing them for our clients in a way that they can follow & understand.

This can be anything from managing expectations in terms of what is achievable within a budget, to being upfront about any risks or potential problems that might arise during the course of a project.


Social Media channels offer a huge range of platforms for different types of content to be shared on. With the growing list of online and off-line delivery platforms available to a client these days, we can end up supplying a wide variety of assets from a single project.

When we look at a job, what the client wants to achieve and where they plan to use the content on are important considerations. Knowing the budget up-front allows us to work out what library of assets can be supplied, which will influence the whole production process (& associated costs).

For example, do you need 1 x 60second TV advert or 10 x 15 second social media edits? Or Both?

Do you want a set of Instagram stories or just a 2-minute YouTube pre-roll?

These are the kind of questions that can only really be answered once we know what you want to achieve, where you want to use it and of course – what your budget is.


Our goal is always to create the best return on investment for our clients by maximising the reach of their budgets. The value you get from using an experienced production company is not only in the quality of the work delivered at the end of the project, but how the process itself is handled. 

Initiating a discussion around budget at the beginning of a relationship allows us to understand what parameters we can work within for a client, and to make suggestions to help ensure the they get the best outcomes for their investment.

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