HR Videos – Why they can be the perfect tool to communicate within your company

HR Videos – Why they can be the perfect tool to communicate within your company

Every company, regardless of size, can use the power of video to communicate with & engage their colleagues.

Video is a great way to communicate with employees and get your message across in a more engaging way, rather than just sending out an email or posting on the company website.

We’re going to talk about some of the benefits that video has for HR departments as well as a few examples of the types of video that could help.

Using Video to connect:

‘New Starter’ Orientation / On-Boarding videos

You know your business back to front – now share that knowledge with the new starters in your company!

If you showcase, define and illustrate your brand values to a new employee in a succinct & authentic manner it will help them understand the business as a whole. Video can also help to demonstrate company values & culture which can be difficult to convey through text in an e-mail/letter alone (especially for larger brands).

This is especially important for companies with a large, scalable workforce, where effective communication is vital in helping integrate new starters into their job roles.

Using Video to encourage contribution:

Company Update Videos

Video is a great way to communicate company goals & highlight the efforts of star performers in reaching said goals. People want to know that the work they do makes a difference and has an impact, be it on an individual level or as part of a team contribution. 

Compared to a run-of-the-mill newsletter, an HR video featuring a message from members of the management team can show employees that the bosses care about them and want them to succeed. This is especially pertinent in global companies wanting to communicate an idea across multiple geographical locations from a central HQ.

The most effective employees (at all levels) are aware of the correlation between what’s required of them and the overall objectives of the business.

Using Video to develop:

Product / Service Explainer Videos

Product videos created by an HR department can educate employees (current and new) about what it is that the business supplies. The same videos could also be re-versioned and used in a customer facing capacity (or vice versa), on a website landing page or as part of an e-commerce catalogue (for example).

Training Videos

Video is an amazing tool when it comes to skills training – It is a human and relatable way to communicate a message. Video material can be referred to at an individuals own pace when required, potentially saving them having to seek the help of another team member. 

People learn in a variety of different styles, be it visual, auditory or reading. A course of training videos can cover all three; great imagery for the visual learner, voiceover to reinforce the message for the auditory learner & subtitles for those who prefer reading.

Staff Welfare Videos

Another example is when an organisation might use video content to promote staff welfare policies such as flexible working hours, holiday allowances or maternity benefits. Employees can refer back to the video at their own leisure and be confident they know what is required in terms of HR procedures if they need.

Creating a library of HR video material might almost seem like an extravigance for a company; however with the right planning and execution you will be creating what will become an invaluable tool for your company to use as it develops and grows.

The more engaged employees are in your business, they will feel better equipped to contribute their best work on behalf of your organisation. The increased productivity will lead to better company performance, increased sales and ultimately, profits.

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