pixel assist services: Animation & CGI

Animation can communicate your message in an easily digestible, user-friendly way, boosting viewer engagement and converting more leads

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More than 50% of consumers prefer video to other kinds of online content. Using animated or computer-generated video to promote your brand on your web and social channels supercharges your chance of a conversion.

High-quality animated videos engage and educate, helping viewers digest a lot of information quickly in a visually appealing format. 

We work with a diverse range of clients to produce truly unique animations that inform and delight customers, optimising the number of shares and sales you receive.

Pixel Assist’s visual experts can also carry out specialise work using advanced animation techniques – for example, updating existing video content to remove or update logos on products or clothing.

Animation Content we provide includes:

2D/3D Animation

Motion Graphics

Advanced Logo Removal / Replacement

Product / Service Explainer Animations

3D Product Mock-ups

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